White Powder, Picture of Tim Tebow Shuts Down Jersey City City Hall

A letter to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop containing white powder — and a picture of former New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow — caused the evacuation of City Hall today and although harmless, it was clearly meant to look like a chemical or biological threat.

Jersey City Public Safety Director James Shea said the letter was addressed to “Steven Fulop, family and friends.” When it was opened by a mayor’s aide at 2:15 p.m. a small amount of white powder fell out. 

Shea said there was a note in the envelope but would not reveal what it said, saying the matter was still under investigation.

A source said the letter contained “spiritual stuff. Heaven stuff. A picture of Tebow.” 

Well, that’s just the most sinister thing I’ve ever heard. I mean, reminding people in New Jersey of Tebow’s very existence should be a capital crime.

The powder, like Tebow’s arm, proved to be quite meek and incapable of making an impact. BIG surprise.

Investigators are well on the way to solving this one because they “assume the return address on the envelope is false.” Good work, detectives.

Tebow. Still the worst.

[H/T: NJ.com]