Tim Tebow Makes Big Plays In Last Preseason Game, Makes Strong Case To Make Team

Tim Tebow and Matt Barkley duked it out on Thursday for the last QB spot on the Eagles squad. Both QB’s alternated quarters in the Eagles final preseason game against the Jets and in the end it looks like Tebow beat out Barkley to make the squad. Tebow went 11 for 17 for 187 yards passing while picking up 32 rushing yards. Barkley went 4/9 for 45 yards and no rushing yards.

Tebow lit up the highlight reel all night with big plays.

Here’s Tebow avoiding a tackle and finishing with a 20 yard run.


Later in the quarter, Tebow threw this beautiful pass for a touchdown.


In the fourth quarter Tebow went deep to Freddie Martino.

And finally Tebow was able to avoid a sack and find Martino in the back of the end zone for a touchdow.

You can make the case that Tebow wasn’t playing against the best competition but it’s good to see Tebow play well and possibly make the Eagles team after everything he’s gone through in the past few years.

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