Tim Tebow Did Not Hold Back When Asked About How He Feels About The Sh*tshow At Maryland

tim tebow maryland scandal

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The University of Maryland is currently dealing with the Hindenburg of public relations disasters thanks to their impressive mishandling of the scandal involving former head coach DJ Durkin, who was dismissed from the program this week a day after he was reinstated by the people dumb enough to make Forrest Gump look like a Rhodes Scholar.

If you’re unfamiliar with the scandal that’s made people care about the Terrapins football program for the first time in fifteen years, here’s a quick primer.

  • Offensive lineman Jordan McNair collapses due to heat stroke at practice on May 29th
  • McNair passes away two weeks later on June 13th
  • An investigation finds trainers did virtually nothing to help McNair after he passed out
  • ESPN runs an article in August outlining the program’s toxic culture that results in Durkin being suspended
  • Another investigation publishes a report in October disputing the claims in the ESPN article
  • Maryland shoots itself in the foot with a shotgun on the 30th before trying to stop the bleeding
  • The head of the Board of Regents resigns on November 1st

The “Maryland doesn’t actually have a toxic culture crowd” took a bit of a hit after it was revealed punter Matt Barber was brutally beaten by his teammate for aiding in the second investigation.

Plenty of people have rightfully torn into the school for its ineptitude and now you can add Tim Tebow to the list after he appeared on First Take and shared his thoughts on the situation.

Here’s a transcript of Tebow’s remarks:

“It shows that people are so afraid to have conviction and to believe in something when they make a decision, that they’re like, ‘Oh my goodness, social media’s against us. We’re gonna fire him now.’

You just made a decision to keep him. If that’s your decision, if you believe that’s what’s right for the program, it shouldn’t matter what I say. It shouldn’t matter what social media says.”

He continued, saying:

“So many people want to be liked instead of being respected. I think more universities need to stand by what they believe is right.

I’m not saying their decision is right, but they need to have courage to say, ‘You know what, I would rather be respected than liked.’”



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