I Have No Idea What This Exercise Tim Tebow Is Doing At The Gym, But My God It Looks Like It’s Working


It’s well documented that Tim Tebow has been and will always be a workout fiend. From flipping tires, to pushing SUV’s, to playing volleyball with a 10-pound medicine ball, Tebow takes his training very seriously. He lifted with the goddamn lineman when he was at Florida for Christ sake. Sorry, Tim, shouldn’t have used the Lord’s name vain.

I have no idea what this exercise is called in the above video, but by the looks of it, I wouldn’t question his routine. And by one reporters standards, his success is exceeding the weight room and bleeding into his play on the field.

According to Tim McManus of Philly Mag, Tebow is already outplaying Matt Barkley at Eagles camp. And since the team just received a medical report that Sam Bradford is “susceptible” to another knee ligament tear, Tebow may be making another encore.

But if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to do 26 pushups in my kitchen and call it a night.

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