Lauren Cosgrove Can’t Be Too Happy About T.J. Oshie’s Tinder Profile

by 4 years ago


Current American hero T.J. Oshie is engaged to the stunning Lauren Cosgrove. Millions of red-blooded guys would gladly slide into that romantic situation. And someone seems to be attempting to speed up the swap by creating a fake Tinder profile for the hockey star.

Olympic athletes have been using the app to hook up in record numbers during the Sochi Games. Classic Millennial behavior.

The profile was first noticed by the Toronto Sun, which used its copious resources to report it could be fake. Greg Wyshynski at Yahoo! dug deeper with some real shoe-leather reporting to help confirm Oshie probably isn’t looking for sidepieces in the Olympic Village.

Now, if one of these pops up for Patrick Kane, we’ll be duty-bound to take it a little more seriously.


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