Pissed Fantasy Football Player Threatens Todd Gurley After Another Subpar Performance, Gurley Tells Him To Bring It


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Rams running back Todd Gurley has had a pretty horrible year after one of the best rookie seasons in recent memory. This I know. I had him as a keeper in fantasy football and ended up trading him just to get him off my roster.

That being said, it never crossed my mind to personally attack him on social media for failing to meet my petty expectations.

Unfortunately, there are many keyboard warriors out there who don’t feel the same way that I and other sane people do.

So when one frustrated fantasy football player said to Gurley on Twitter, “if I ever see you in public we’re fist fighting over your fantasy football performance this year,” TGII fired right back.

Telling Todd Gurley you want to fight him after he’s already shown just how pissed he’s been, calling the Rams a “middle school offense,” probably isn’t the wisest move.

Then again, when you can hide behind a keyboard, as so many people do these days, I guess it doesn’t matter what you do, right?