Tom Brady Has Interesting Response To Being Asked The Biggest Mistake He Ever Made

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Tom Brady is in full-blown retirement mode, sharing some vacation photos and talking about the value of relationships.

He was also recently caught out and about on the street and was asked what was the biggest mistake he ever made.

“The biggest mistake I ever made, good question,” Brady replied.

“I don’t know. Is anything really a mistake?”

Some fans thought Tom Brady looked a little off in the video, others thought he was speaking the truth, while others thought he should just be left alone to enjoy his life.

“Why he seem like a lizard in this video?” someone else asked.

Shortly after that video started to spread on social media, Brady posted several personal photos with his kids from a vacation they took to Africa.

In the caption to the photos, Brady wrote about looking forward to the “next chapter” in his life. (He made no specific mention of Irina Shayk, however.)

“What an incredible trip to the most amazing continent…Africa,” Brady wrote. “It was another special reminder that life is TRULY about relationships and memories…This past week of my birthday I have had much time to reflect and be grateful for all the incredible blessings. I couldn’t imagine growing up as a boy in San Mateo that my life would become what it has… I’ve experienced quite a bit in the first 45 years I have lived, and what I have loved most is the people who I have shared the most life changing events with….my children, my family, my loved ones and friends and all of you have added so much to this incredible/adventurous life.

“To wake up to sunrises and untouched parts of our beautiful planet, to witness these animals in all their glory, to see how different people can live with true joy and happiness continues to bring me great lessons in learning. Anyone who knows me knows I love quotes….I have two in my mind that I want to begin this next chapter with. They are profoundly meaningful to me and maybe you will like them as well!

“‘The life you lead, is the lesson you teach,'” he quoted.

Then added another quote: “‘If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am not for others, what am I?'”

“I’ve had them in my mind for some time, and I will continue to bring them with me on this journey of life. Thank you all for your love and support these first 45 years….I am taking these next days one at a time, focusing on being my best self for me, and others, and living a life of integrity and purpose.”

Brady’s former wife Gisele Bundchen responded in the comments with the prayer hands emoji, reinforcing the claims that she is not unhappy with him, despite their divorce.

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