Tom Brady Is Reportedly Spending His Offseason Trying To Get Jacked And I’m Dying To See The Results

tom brady bulking up

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It’s been almost two decades since the New England Patriots decided to spend the 199th pick in the NFL Draft on a quarterback out of Michigan named Tom Brady, and by most accounts, it’s worked out pretty well for the franchise.

At 41 years old, Brady continues to defy his age and shows no signs of succumbing to the passage of time at any point in the near future, which isn’t exactly the best news for the rest of the NFL—especially when you consider the Patriots are currently the favorites to take home yet another Lombardi Trophy despite the departure of Rob Gronkowski and some other key players.

There are plenty of factors that play into Brady’s success but one of the more instrumental ones is the TB12 Method—a program championed by the quarterback and controversial trainer Alex Guerrero that involves a strict nutritional regimen and a workout routine that focuses on pliability over strength and muscle mass.

Based on how he’s performed over the past few years, the method seems to have its merits despite the questionable science behind it but it looks like Brady might be deviating from the norm this offseason as he prepares for his 20th year in the league.

According to Patriots Wire, New England recently kicked off its voluntary conditioning workouts but Brady has been absent from the building (as he was last year). However, that doesn’t mean he’s not gearing up, and if Ian Rapoport is to be believed, he’s devoting his time to bulking up ahead of the 2019 campaign.

There aren’t many things in life I’d like to see more than a jacked Tom Brady—especially when you consider he rolled up to the combine looking like this.

tom brady bulking up


The rest of the league should be shaking in their cleats.

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