Tom Brady Buys Drinks For Birmingham City Fans After Crashing Pub Before Game (Video)

Tom Brady at a Birmingham City soccer game

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Based on what’s transpired in recent years, it seems like you can’t really call yourself a celebrity unless your investment portfolio includes a stake in a soccer team—an omission Tom Brady recently addressed when he became a minority owner of Birmingham City.

It’s safe to assume the legendary quarterback drew some inspiration from Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney (who teamed up to purchase Wrexham A.F.C. in 2020), and he’s now joined the ranks of other actors including Matthew McConaughey, Michael B. Jordan, Will Ferrell, and other notable names who are partial owners of clubs in the United Kingdom, MLS, and beyond.

Reynolds and McElhenney may not have had much experience with running a soccer team when they finalized what was essentially a $3 million impulse buy, but they were smart enough to know much of their success hinged on their ability to convince Wrexham fans that they were going to be fairly involved with day-to-day operations.

The duo also understood the importance of walking the walk as opposed to simply talking the talk, and they were able to get in the good graces of the squad’s supporters by regularly attending games and shelling out an absurd amount of money on whiskey at a pub near The Racecourse Ground to help fans celebrate the team’s promotion to the English Football League.

It appears Brady is taking some pages out of Reynolds’ and McElhenney’s Wrexham playbook based on what transpired before Birmingham City faced off against Leeds on Saturday, as the retired QB went out of his way to rub shoulders with fans who’d gathered at a local watering hole called The Roost prior to the fixture.

According to The Daily Mail, Brady also dropped £150 (around $190) to treat everyone there to a round of drinks in addition to leaving a £400 (~$500) tip for the bartenders before heading to St. Andrew’s to watch his team walk away with the 1-0 victory.

That’s how you get them on your good side.

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