Stuffy-Ass Country Club Might Not Let Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Join



Tom Brady and wife Gisele Bundchen are used to getting their way. But it appears they’ve finally found a group of people with enough bravery to stand up to them.

The multimillionaires at The Country Club in Brookline, Mass.

Word around the club’s meticulously manicured grounds is that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel spouse, Gisele Bundchen, whose mansion is just an errant tee shot away, would like to join. But it’s not clear if the club famous for understatement and insularity will accept the glamorous power couple as members.

Why? Because the 133-year-old institution prizes privacy and discretion above all else. And Brady and Bundchen, trailed as they often are by paparazzi, and occasionally controversy, attract the sort of attention abhorred by the multimillionaires who belong to the primrose playground on Clyde Street in Chestnut Hill.

“I don’t know what they’ll do about Brady,” said a prominent Boston businessperson who is amused by the club’s predicament. Like any bastion of Brahmin privilege, “The Country Club believes your name should appear in the newspaper just two times: When you’re born and when you die.”

Those last two sentences are among the douchiest I’ve read. It takes a special type of person to voice that opinion out loud without any twinge of self-awareness.

Refusing membership to Golden Boy Touchdown Tom and his perfect-gene family would be terrible public relations for the club. And even though they’re still mulling it over, you can feel the locals getting restless. These are people that would kill for Brady. Turfing a few greens and pooping in the club pool would be child’s play.

But, hey, it’s important to have standards.

The club has a well-deserved reputation for being exclusive — some would say exclusionary — when it comes to its members. Consider this: No Jews were admitted until the 1970s, no women (as full members) until 1989, and no blacks until 1994. In his memoir, “A Reason To Believe,’’ former governor Deval Patrick revealed that he and his wife, Diane, were rejected — “blackballed,’’ he wrote — by The Country Club.

Here’s hoping the stuffed shirts in charge do the right thing and let Tommy in. It sounds like he’d fit right in.

“It’s really about who you are. Do you have good values?” one member said. “It’s that old New England mentality.”

Surely winning at all costs and sticking it to Roger Goodell are values we can all agree are important.

[H/T: Boston Globe]