Goofy-Ass Couple Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen Celebrate The Patriots Scoring 51 Points



Ever since looking like a mere mortal against the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday Night Football, Tom Brady has thrown for a blistering 14 touchdowns without an interception. He personally ripped the heart out of the Chicago Bears yesterday, throwing for five touchdowns in a 51-23 rout.

After the game, he and his supermodel wife, Gisele Bundchen, continued their very important tradition of moving on to the next game via Facebook. The meme is a jab (tribute) to Bill Belichick’s salty “we’re on to Cincinnati” press conference.

Wow, guys. Have fun at prom. Don’t be afraid to call me or your mother if you need a ride. You know about our “no questions asked until the next morning” policy.

Here a few others from the series:

Man, I love this guy. No one in the history of sports has ever used their carte blanche to do dorky things more than him. He’s like McLovin trapped inside the world’s most popular Alpha Male’s body.