Watch Tom Brady Smirk And Say Nothing During This Awkward High School Recruiting Video

by 3 years ago

Tom Brady high school video awkward

Before the scarves, the suits, the rings, Gisele, and mastering the art of flashing Blue Steel, there was High School Tom Brady. Just a normal dude playing sports, standing in a frozen position and occasionally smirking while his football coach highlights all the things he does so well.

Basically, what we have here amounts to an EXTREMELY subdued version of a Paul Heyman-Brock Lesnar promo. A very awkward one.

But we’re not done yet. Check out these highlights of Brady throwing fades. Once the saxophone kicks in, I can guarantee you’ll find yourself hooked. The music is the perfect combination of the old SNL intro song and something straight out of the Blue Oyster Bar in Police Academy.


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