Angry Tom Brady Curses Out Pats Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels On The Sideline During Bills-Pats Game

by 1 year ago

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got into a heated sideline exchange with Pats offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels during Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills.

When Brady was walking to the sideline following an incomplete pass on 3rd-and-10, McDaniels appeared to say something that clearly pissed off Brady.

Brady went on to rip McDaniels a new asshole in front of CBS’s cameras.

Brady has always had positive things to say about McDaniels so who knows why he’s beefing with his OC today.

Update: According to Mike Reiss, Brady and McDaniels quickly patched this up and were seen sitting next to each other a few minutes later discussing the offense.

Via Mike Reiss Twitter

Tom Brady was hot on the sideline after an incomplete pass on third-and-11, yelling loudly in direction of offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. Now they sit together and regroup.

Apparently McDaniels was telling Brady the running back was open on the third down play which set Brady off.

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