Tom Brady Gets Ripped To Shreds On The Internet For Not Shaking Hands With Nick Foles After Patriots Loss In The Super Bowl

by 1 year ago

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It was pretty evident that Tom Brady wasn’t happy with losing last night’s Super Bowl. As soon as the game was over, Brady rushed to the locker room and didn’t really want to speak to anyone.


He was staggering down a hallway wearing his game pants and a light hoodie, his sweat-soaked hair mussed and his eye black smudged. Brady passed Matt Patricia, the outgoing defensive coordinator and Detroit Lions head coach-to-be, and Patricia reached out and grabbed Brady’s arm on the way by. Brady looked down at the bearded figure in red and didn’t say a word. He cut through a curtain, took his seat for a news conference and tried to explain how a man could throw for a playoff-record 505 yards at age 40 and still feel miserable about it.

“Losing sucks,” Brady said into his microphone.

Unfortunately, Brady failed to shake hands with Nick Foles or any other Eagles player on the field and he got ripped for it on Twitter.