Tom Brady Was Not Happy With A Former Patriots Teammate After His Season Ended

Tom Brady at a press conference

Getty Image / Julio Aguilar

Over the course of a 22-year NFL career, you get the chance to play alongside a lot of different teammates.

When you’re as successful as Tom Brady in those 22 years, some of those teammates might go on and turn your team’s success into broadcasting opportunities.

To Brady’s dismay, that could mean having to hear some opinions from your former teammates that you don’t quite agree with.

That seems to be the case with Brady and former New England Patriots teammate Rob Ninkovich, who now works as an analyst for ESPN.

Ninkovich appeared today on “Keyshawn, JWill, and Max” and was asked about Brady’s plans for the future.

When he was asked about his former teammate’s plans for the future, Ninkovich revealed that Brady wasn’t particularly pleased with him when he tried to reach out at the end of the season.

I’ve been trying to investigate that… I’ve been trying to get some info out of that and I’m not getting anywhere with that. And then I tried to be nice and just you know, hit up a friend and be like, ‘Hey man, great season. I hope you’re recovering… you finished well, you still got it.’

And he responds: ‘Not according to your hard-hitting analysis.’

You can’t really blame Ninkovich for not always having the most kind analysis of Brady’s performances throughout the season and believing that his former teammate should retire.

There’s no doubt that this season was a disappointment for Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The team snuck into the playoffs with an 8-9 record thanks to their division being the worst in the conference.

Brady saw a major drop in passing yards and touchdowns from last year to this year and even had his completion percentage drop a bit.

Hopefully whatever Brady does next in his career doesn’t cause him any more unhappiness with his former teammates.