NFL Fans Are Freaking Out After Tom Brady Actually Acknowledged The Patriots On Social Media

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  • Tom Brady has acknowledged the existence of the Patriots on social media
  • The former Pats QB commented on their new jersey reveal
  • Fans are reacting to the post on Twitter

Tom Brady spent 20 seasons in New England as quarterback of the Patriots. Over those two decades, the signal caller threw for nearly 10,000 yards, winning 219 games and leading the franchise to six Super Bowls.

Things, unfortunately, ended sourly between the two sides as they couldn’t come to terms on his final contract. Brady wanted a deal to ensure he retired a Patriot. Management was hesitant to give him a long-term deal.

So, the sides split.

The media ran with the storyline of the Belichick vs. Brady battle, and when the passer moved on to Tampa, he seemingly left his time in New England in the past. He even failed to mention the Patriots when he “retired” earlier this offseason.

Now, Patriots fans are going nuts after Brady commented on a recent team post.

Fans freak out after Tom Brady acknowledges the Patriots

Brady took a moment to comment on the throwback jerseys the Patriots will be wearing in 2022. He seems upset that the jerseys, which haven’t been worn since 2012, will make their return after he’s left the organization.

The response caused quite the reaction from NFL fans.

Others still seem salty about Brady leaving the organization.

And unfortunately, Brady won’t be able to rock the Bucs’ throwbacks in 2022. He’ll have to play into 2023 in order to don the Tampa Bay creamsicles.

Brady is gearing up for his 23rd season. He hopes to get the Bucs back to the Super Bowl one last time before he hangs up the cleats.