Did Tom Brady See Wes Welker Eat Molly at the Kentucky Derby?

by 4 years ago

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This was a question Tom Brady was actually asked at a presser today. Tom Brady was pictured partying with Wes Welker at the Kentucky Derby, where Welker allegedly consumed a little molly that got flagged in his NFL drug tests, leading to a four-game suspension.


In answering the question, Brady let out a hearty laugh when a reporter asked if he saw Wes doing anything. Almost makes you wonder whether Brady was the one to provide the party favors. Based off that laugh and that laugh alone (and maybe the whole handing out money to strangers thing), how can you not question that Welker was out of his mind like Hunter S. Thompson on Derby Day? Dude had to be rolling his balls off.

My fantasy football team name for the year? Wes Welker’s EDM Dance Party. See you at Ultra, Bro.