Tom Brady Standup Rumors Might Be Real After Latest Update Involving Netflix

Tom Brady

Getty Image / Gilbert Flores

Rumors were running rampant online on Tuesday as reports suggested that Tom Brady is potentially pursuing a career in standup comedy.

However absurd that might sound, the seven-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback might actually be following through on it after the latest update involving Netflix.

According to TMZ, Tom Brady is considering doing a Netflix roast called The Greatest Roast of All Time.

With that said, it sounds like TMZ’s reports indicate that Tom Brady may not pursue standup comedy at all. Instead, it’s more likely he’ll do a roast on the popular streaming service.

“Recent reports of TB12 wanting to venture into the funny business are bogus. The 7-time Super Bowl champion is, however, in talks with Netflix to be the center of a roast special.”

Either way, I would 100% watch a Tom Brady roast. Even though I’m not entirely sure how many things you can make fun of him for. His strict diet? Maybe his world-class work ethic? I’m sure some jokes about Gisele Bundchen will be made.

Regardless, sign me up for it. Especially considering Brady is likely to bring a solid roster of people to roast him.

Comedy Central Roasts typically have anywhere between 10-12 roasters not counting the roastee and roast master. So let’s assume Netflix does the same.

With that said, here are a few names I’d love to see at Tom Brady’s roast.

Roast Master: Peyton Manning.
The Roastees: Rob Gronkowski, Adam Sandler, Jeff Ross, Ben Affleck, Julian Edelman, Kevin Hart, Lily Tomlin, Pete Davidson, Martha Stewart, and Natasha Leggero.

I don’t know about you, but I would definitely tune into the Tom Brady roast if we get anything close to that roster.

Benedetto Vitale is a writer for BroBible and previously ClutchPoints. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and is an avid of the Tennessee Titans, Memphis Grizzlies and Seattle Kraken fan. He graduated from the University of Oregon with a film degree, but has shifted his career to sports journalism.