Tom Brady’s First NFL Preseason Touchdown Ball On Sale At Auction

Former NFL star Tom Brady

Getty Image / Alex Slitz

There are very few athletes throughout the history of sports whose memorabilia commands the astronomical price tags that Tom Brady’s does.

It seems like it has become a regular occurrence for unique Brady collectibles to sell for thousands of dollars at auction.

Now the latest Brady offering will give fans the chance to own the football that started it all for him in the NFL.

The ball Brady used to throw the first preseason touchdown of his career is currently listed for auction as part of the Lelands Spring Classic Auction with a starting bid price of $25K.

Compared to some of the other pieces of Tom Brady memorabilia that are somewhere out there in the collecting world, this might not seem like too important of an item. There’s a “Deflategate” ball somewhere out there that sold in 2015. That ball sold $43K at the time, but would surely be worth a whole lot more now.

His first regular season touchdown ball is also somewhere out there and sold for more than $400K a couple of years ago.

Last year, the biggest piece of Brady memorabilia was that ball that was temporarily the one he threw his final touchdown pass with. That ended up changing, but the ball still sold for $130K.

Now collectors have the chance to get the ball that really started it all. The preseason label might not make seem so glamorous, but this is still the ball Brady used to throw his first touchdown pass with the New England Patriots.

The ball will surely fetch a price tag in the 6-figures and will give one fan the chance to own the touchdown ball that preceded the 737 he threw between the regular season and playoffs.