Tom Coughlin’s Subtle Tribute To NYPD Officers Killed Over The Weekend Is Just About Perfect

Over the weekend, two NYPD officers were killed in cold blood, sitting in their car in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn. The story was all over the news, so I’m not going to mention the specifics, because I don’t like giving asshole lunatics even more exposure and give other asshole lunatics ideas.

Before their games on Sunday, a few New York Jets and New York Giants players showed their support with slight modifications to the typical game-day attire to show support to the fallen. The Jets’ Nick Mangold wore an NYPD cap for pregame warm-ups.

Because they were away in St. Louis, Giants players didn’t have NYPD hats or apparel on hand, so players and coaches had to improvise. Giants’ coach Tom Coughlin went with a subtle approach.


Classy move from a veteran coach.

I’m hoping Coughlin sports it for the rest of the season because this issue isn’t going away any time soon. I’m also hoping Goodell and the NFL keep their noses, and fines, out of this situation.

[via NY Post]