Former NFL Safety Tom Zbikowski Used to Enjoy 4 Scotches and 4 Guinnesses the Night Before Games

Tom Zbikowski is no longer in the NFL, but the Chicago Tribune had a feature on the former safety, who retired after the 2012 season. In it, Zbikowski said he liked to put them back the night before games. 

Alcohol had become such a part of Zbikowski's routine the night before games that he compared it to a superstition. His ideal mix: four glasses of scotch and four Guinnesses. Of the 64 NFL games Zbikowski participated in, he estimated at least 12 were played with a massive hangover.

He also liked to break a few other curfew-related rules. 

“Get a little messed up, sneak a girl into your room, feel on top of the world,'' Zbikowski said. “I had some of my best games off of benders — some of my worst too. My two best seasons ever were 2005 (at Notre Dame) and 2009 (in Baltimore) when I was the most out of control drinking, so I thought, hey, maybe I should go back to that.'

Who'da thought white Irish boys like to booze? It's not that odd, though, when you think about it. If you are a regular drinker, you know it's damn near impossible to sleep without booze. So, you drink. And just live in an age of perpetual hangovers. 

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