Watch: Tony Hawk Lands His First Bluntside In Over A Year Since Snapping His Femur

Tony Hawk

Getty Image / Jeff Kravitz

At 54 years old, legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk is both indestructible and as brittle as tortilla chips.

During his skating career, has suffered over 20 concussions and countless broken bones including a broken pelvis, elbow, skull fracture, and femur. The latter of which he’s been recovering from for the past year.

On Thursday, Tony Hawk updated fans on the state of his recovery from the broken femur. He shared what he’s doing to promote heart health and posted a video where he landed his first bluntside grind on the halfpipe in over a year.

Tony broke his femur on March 7th, 2022. It’s been over 365 days since he pulled this trick off. This HAD to feel incredibly cathartic for him:

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Hawk’s friends and fans all chimed in voicing support. Comments include:

“🔥🔥🔥 sweet one bud”

“Always great to see you back at it. You were made for skateboarding!”

“The 🦅 flies again!!”

“It’s okay to lose a step as you age, bro. Especially after a nasty injury. I’m roughly the same age as you but not as talented and I’ve been breaking s***, tearing Rotator Cuffs and dislocating joints all my life. I’ve watched all the bones videos in traction… you are skating better now than I ever have.”

“Always have been and always will be an inspiration to many. Thank you Tony.”

Tony Hawk will celebrate his 55th birthday in May. It’s great to see him still charging the halfpipe like he was back when he helped bring the X Games to the mainstream.

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