Tony Hawk Takes Picture With Wesley Snipes At Oscars, Jokes About Long-Running Internet Meme

Wesley Snipes

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  • Tony Hawk has been the subject of a long-running internet meme featuring Wesley Snipes.
  • Hawk took a picture with Snipes at the Oscars on Sunday and a made a joke about the meme.
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Tony Hawk is very much aware of the Internet meme involving him and Wesley Snipes.

Back in 2018, a meme went viral depicting an emotional Snipes from the movie’New Jack City’ holding up a gun getting ready to kill his close friend with the caption “when the race war is happening and I gotta kill Tony Hawk.” Hawk initially commented, “I appreciate the hesitation” in response to the meme.

Both Snipes and Hawk were in attendance at Sunday’s Oscars and took a picture together which went viral when Hawk posted it on his Twitter account.


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