For The Third Week In A Row, Tony Romo Called A Play Before It Happened On The Field

Tony Romo continues to impress as a football analyst. For the third week in a row, the Cowboys quarterback has accurately predicted a play on the field before it happened.

During third-and-3 for the Bengals in their game against the Packers, Romo accurately predicted a handoff to Joe Mixon based on the team’s offensive formation.

Here is Romo showing his work.

In this specific case, the alignment, they stacked the receivers outside,” Romo said. “If you get a good box, which means you have five offensive linemen and there’s five guys for them to block, let’s run the ball. If there are six guys, let’s throw the ball. I saw five. I played the percentages.”

Later in the game, Romo also accurately predicted that the Packers were going to use the running back to help out against the Bengals defensive end.

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