Tony Romo Told Tom Brady The Most Brash Prediction After Last Week’s Game, Brady Nonchalantly Blew It Off



Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is out with a clavicle injury that’s prevented him from playing the past three games, but that hasn’t stopped him from running his mouth in the most confident way possible.

After the Boys’ 30-6 loss to the New England Patriots this past weekend, Romo—who’s still walking around in a sling—patted Golden Boy Tom Brady on the chest and confidently made his Super Bowl 50 prediction, which was captured by a mic on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL.”

My favorite part of the entire video might just be Brady casually dropping the, “OK, man,” back towards Romo, nonchalantly blowing him off with a smile and nod type of reply.

Dallas has sputtered since losing Romo, have lost three-straight without him at the helm and just made a switch from one backup signal-caller to another, but he still thinks they’ll be playing on Super Sunday.

If I were a gambling man, though, I wouldn’t be so sure.

[H/T Sports Day DFW]