The AP Ranked The Top 100 All-Time College Football Programs And You’re Going To Be PISSED Your Team’s Not Higher

On the same day that the Associated Press released their first official pre-season Top 25 College Football rankings they also dropped a highly anticipated feature, one that AP Sports has been teasing for weeks: The Top 100. They didn’t rank the top 100 programs going into 2016, no, instead they put together a ridiculously comprehensive list of the Top 100 programs in college football history dating all the way back to 1936, using polls, championships, conference titles, etc., and this is almost CERTAIN to piss off about 95% of you bros.

I was pissed when I saw my alma mater Florida State Seminoles only coming in at #9 on the list but then I was appeased when I saw the Florida Gators at #10 and the University of Miami Hurricanes at #13. As long as my ‘Noles are ahead of those schools I’m perfectly okay with these rankings. Also, our 3rd rival Clemson coming in at #22 is just laughable and a pretty good reflection of their program in general: NOT ELITE.

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Below I’ve included the Top 10 from the AP’s ‘Top 100‘ list, but if you want to check out all 100 you can follow that link or the link below. When I first saw this list being teased on Twitter I thought for sure Notre Dame or the Michigan Wolverines would come in at #1…Definitely not OSU:

1 OHIO STATE (1,112 Points)
Total appearances:852, 77.24% of all polls
First appearance:1936
No.1 ranking:105
Championships:Five (last 2014)

2 OKLAHOMA (1,055 Points)
Total appearances:784, 71.08% of all polls
First appearance:1938
No.1 ranking:100 1/2
Championships:Seven (last 2000)

3 NOTRE DAME (1,042 Points)
Total appearances:766, 69.45% of all polls
First appearance:1936
No.1 ranking:98
Championships:Eight (last 1988)

4 ALABAMA (933 Points)
Total appearances:745, 67.54% of all polls
First appearance:1936
No.1 ranking:74
Championships:10 (last 2015)

Total appearances:743, 67.36% of all polls
First appearance:1936
No.1 ranking:90 1/2
Championships:Five (last 2004)

6 NEBRASKA (901 Points)
Total appearances:717, 65% of all polls
First appearance:1936
No.1 ranking:72
Championships:Four (last 1995)

7 MICHIGAN (894 Points)
Total appearances:806, 73.07% of all polls
First appearance:1938
No.1 ranking:34
Championships:Two (last 1997)

8 TEXAS (822 Points)
Total appearances:703, 63.74% of all polls
First appearance:1940
No.1 ranking:44 1/2
Championships:Three (last 2005)

9 FLORIDA STATE (714 Points)
Total appearances:540, 48.96% of all polls
First appearance:1964
No.1 ranking:72
Championships:Three (last 2013)
Best full decade:1990s appeared in 100% of polls.

10 FLORIDA (674 Points)
Total appearances:562, 50.95% of all polls
First appearance:1950
No.1 ranking:41
Championships:Three (last 2008)

To see all 100 schools in the AP’s ‘Top 100’ all-time rankings you can CLICK HERE, and if you’re pissed about where your school is ranked let me know why down below in the comments!

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