These Are The 5 Most Ideal NFL Coaches To Party With

andy reid patrick mahomes hawaiian shirt

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Let’s go ahead and take X’s and O’s out things for a second here and have some fun. We are three months into our quarantine and everybody is just waiting for not only the NFL to come back, but for life as we know it to come back. When it does, I can only imagine that the first party you attend is going to be a full-blown rager. Let’s go ahead and segway that into the Top 5 ideal NFL coaches to party with.

5. Pete Carroll

Coach Pete may not be the guy shot gunning Budweisers at will, but every party needs an energy guy. Music or no music, Pistol Pete is a guy I know that can bring the energy to any outing he attends on and off the football field. I’m giving Coach Carroll the nod in the 5 slot.

4. Mike Vrabel

Let me be very clear when I say nobody is messing with you if you walk into a rager with Coach Vrabel. An absolute horse with or without shoulder pads and a guy that I would imagine could get after it. Still got the young blood in him as well to go into the late hours of the night.

3. Jon Gruden

I would do pretty outrageous things to be able to party with the Gruden grinder himself. I got a feeling Coach Gruden has a wild side to him that is just ready to let loose when need be. I’m more than comfortable with giving Gruden the nod in the 3 seed.

2. Mike Tomlin

You better be ready to go into the late hours if you are able to get Coach Tomlin at your party. A balls to the wall type of guy that I could see not only working the floor but lighting the place on fire. Odds are Tomlin was an animal in his glory days

1.Andy Reid

I don’t think I should have to explain this one. Andy Reid has electric factory written all over him. The thought of Coach Reid rolling into your party with one of his classic Hawaiian shirts gets me all types of fired up. I’m putting Reid on the throne and am not turning back.