These Are The Top 10 Most Epic Baseball Manager Meltdowns That Would Make Sweet Lou Piniella Proud

One of the best moments in baseball is when an umpire makes a controversial call that leads to a manager letting that umpire know his decision was wrong. It’s the wrath and scorn that manager brings in arguing the judgment, and the utter disregard for human life, respect, and decency once that manager is ejected, that can make any game memorable.

When you think of baseball manager ejections that are bonkers, you instantly think of Lou Piniella. Sweet Lou was an umpire’s worst nightmare and most managers have taken a page from Lou’s playbook when getting tossed. Classic Piniella moves include kicking dirt on home plate, kicking dirt on the ump’s feet, pulling up a base and chucking it, and generally leaving a wake of destruction behind him.

I believe former Pirates manager Lloyd McClendon put a new twist on pulling up the base in a 2001 game by tucking it under his arm and taking it with him to the clubhouse. That’s cool and all, but both McClendon and Piniella can’t compete with the meltdowns seen on the minor league level. I’m not sure if it’s because the games aren’t seen or covered on a national level or because minor league baseball is way more open-minded than the majors, but the tirades going down “down on the farm” are pure pandemonium.

No one tops Joe Mikulik who’s become known more for his creative ejection theatrics than his mentoring tactics. This dude takes blown gaskets to a whole new level. He might never see the Major League level as a skipper, but he makes minor league baseball fun. We might never see anything approaching this level of lunacy during an ejection in the majors, but I’m hoping this video serves as a guide for major league managers: if you know you’re getting tossed, GIVE US A SHOW!

Now check out this crazy catch during a wiffle ball tournament…

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