Top NBA Draft Prospect Anthony Edwards Bizarrely Says He’s ‘Not Really Into’ Basketball Would Prefer To Be Drafted By The NFL

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Georgia standout guard Anthony Edwards is a projected top-three draft pick in Wednesday night’s NBA draft, but on Tuesday he made some comments that are alarming fans.

According to an interview with ESPN’s Alex Scarbough Edwards appears disinterested in playing basketball and actually said that he would prefer to be drafted by the NFL because he can have more fun on the field.


To be honest,” he says, “I can’t watch basketball.”

He retells the story about the first time he dunked and how it signaled to him that he was talented and could accomplish something he might not have been able to in football, which was his first love. So that’s the direction he went, simple as that, hanging up his cleats. “That’s all I needed to see,” he says.

So when after that did he get into basketball?

“I’m still not really into it,” he says. “I love basketball, yeah. It’s what I do.”

He’s not entirely convincing. He says if he were drafted by the NFL tomorrow, he’d let basketball go. “Because you can do anything on the field,” he explains. “You can spike the ball. You can dance. You can do all type of disrespectful stuff.” In the NBA, he says, “you can’t do any of that. You’ll get fined.”

Not only would Edwards prefer to play in the NFL, but he told ESPN that he’s also an aspiring rapper.

He goes on to say that he’s an aspiring rapper. He’s already recorded a few tracks with his older brother Bubba. So, like Damian Lillard? “But I really can rap,” he says. “Dame, talking about — I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m rapping like Lil Baby.” He says he won’t release any songs until he’s established in the NBA.

NBA fans weren’t entirely sure what to make of Edwards’ comments right before the draft.

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