The Annual Tough Guy Challenge Looks Insane, Especially The Part Where People Run Through Fire

England’s annual Tough Guy Challenge took place yesterday and these photos are absolutely insane. The challenge is an eight-mile obstacle course of mud, barbed wire, tunnels, electric shocks and grown men in three piece suits. So it’s almost like your daily commute.

Here’s a little more about the annual challenge and how it’s basically a test of your balls.

Tough Guy is a window of opportunity to test oneself, on every discipline in life, in one day. It becomes a fever to achieve, to fail, to come back, to attempt the chunks missed on the previous attempts. There are no Social/Sexual/Age barriers, once stripped of Materialistic Make Up it is oneself against the course with the simple security of the Family of Equals in front, behind and around oneself. Younger achievers view it as the window to adulthood.

Well anyone else confused? Thankfully there’s more information.

Fear joins up the Family of Man. In all historical disaster when materialism has gone, fear sets each group in a concrete form to join the journey into the unknown. As a lump we are more feared to go back we take a communal vision as we grab each others flesh tearing to mingle our blood. We reach a point where fear joins the world of materialism we are leaving behind, together with the serene and beautiful world of death. Death is beautiful, we are gazing at wonderful things, there is no pain. Love is to pledge, to give, to go forward to infinitesimal giving of love.

Our God is in sight. Our souls unseen, yet under powerful guidance are ready to melt into a great mass of comfortable goodness. When suddenly God says ‘who the fookin-in-hell sent 5000 souls together into Death’? We in our humble sublimeness shout Tough Guy. God smiles and says ‘Get out of here, take that vision of love and giving, to spread it, my children’. Suddenly the crowds are cheering, the brass horse shoe is around your neck, the hot cocoa is spilling around your lips, your mind is numb. It can only think of “I have touched the hand of God, my life now has a
purpose, I am addicted to the magical fear.”

Is this an exercise cult? It feels like an exercise cult. It feels like Crossfit with mud courses. I was once asked to join an exercise cult. They met every Sunday morning at a Curves For Women in my neighborhood. Those bitches were mean!

Check out some of the photos from the recent event.

Tough Guy Challenge 2015

[H/T: Esquire]

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