Tough Mudder Is Adding Tear Gas To Their Courses — Probably To Cover The Fact Most Of You Pussies Were Already Crying

Tough Mudder races just got…tougher isn’t a good word. Let’s go with torturous.

Tough Mudder is adding “tear gas” to its list of torture devices in its tough-as-nails obstacle course, which includes electric shocks, a plunge into freezing water and falling through a ring of fire.

The Downtown Brooklyn company, which designs physically and mentally challenging obstacle courses worldwide, is set to unveil other new elements in their 2015 obstacle courses — and the addition of tear gas might be the most grueling yet.

Awesome. Even more reason to never attempt a tough mudder. I did a tough mudder once. It rained for a couple days and my car was stuck in mud. I walked over to it, said “I’m not going to be able to go out drinking tonight” and went back into my house. It was tough.

If you’re curious as to how tear gas feels, check out this quote from a bro who tried a course and got shot in the face with the stuff. The tear gas invokes the “feeling of having Sriracha poured into every one of our tiny cuts and abrasions.” Magical. But just to be clear it’s probably not actual tear gas. That would be illegal. Maybe? Who knows. I stopped practicing law after I tried to sue God for the rain that got my car stuck and caused me to miss a keg kill party.

For a complete list of all their torture courses, check out the Tough Mudder website.

[H/T: DNA Info]


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