Tour De France Drops Charges Against Sign Lady, The French Remain Charmin Soft

tour de france sign lady charges dropped

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  • The Tour de France has reportedly dropped its lawsuit against the lady that caused a gigantic crash during the race with a sign.
  • This could be the softest move the French have made to date.
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After finally locating the sign-wielding spectator who caused a giant pile-up during the Tour de France, the Tour has decided to drop the lawsuit it filed against her.

Tour de France director Christian Pudhomme said the decision was made in hopes to diffuse the tension that the crash caused, according to Fox News. The woman was accused of involuntarily causing injury and faces a more than $1,700 fine, according to Cycling News.

Talk about an unbelievably soft move by the French. Over 20 competitors crashed thanks to this woman holding up a sign in hopes of making it on the broadcast for two seconds, and now they’re just going to let her go because there’s some tension in the air.

What planet are we living on?

This is a grown woman we’re talking about here – she was later identified to be a 30-year-old French woman – that sent 20+ men flying off of their bikes during the most iconic race of the year. She reportedly fled the country after causing the accident, but I guess the tension and some harsh words on social media are punishment enough in France.

Also, the sign itself wasn’t even good. It didn’t even make sense. “Allez opi omi” translates to “Go grandpa, grandma.” What even is that?

Crashes at the Tour de France are extremely common, but this sets a rather dangerous precedent for other jackass fans. If a lady can wipe out 20 cyclists during a race and get away with it, what other stuff can spectators expect to get away with? Maybe the Tour de France’s magic number is 30 cyclists to hit the pavement before lawsuits become a reality.

The sign lady will either sign a book deal within the next week or start a YouTube channel that will explode with subscribers. Count on that.