Golfer Sprints 332-Yards At TPC Scottsdale’s 17th To Find A Hole-In-One On A Par-4

17th hole at TPC Scottsdale par-4

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A golfer tallied an ultra-rare hole-in-one on a Par-4 at TPC Scottsdale’s famous 17th hole and video of him sprinting all 332-yards has gone viral.

The video below was picked up by Fore Play Golf and it picks up as the golfer is in an all-out sprint toward the green. The odds of a hole-in-one on par-3 are 12,500 to 1 but that’s for decent golfers, the odds for a weekend warrior are considerably worse.

The odds of a hole-in-one on a par-4 are 6 million to 1 which is laughable because most par-4’s aren’t drivable but the 17th hole at TPC Scottsdale’s championship course sure is. Pros go after it every year during the Waste Management Phoenix Open, only one has succeeded. Warning: there is some colorful language in the clip:

Twitter version available as well:

A deeper breakdown of the odds of an ace can be found on the PGA’s website. Here’s a quick rundown:

Tour player making an ace: 3,000 to 1. Low-handicapper making an ace: 5,000 to 1. Two players from the same foursome acing the same hole: 17 million to 1. One player making two holes-in-one in the same round: 67 million to 1.

It goes on to confirm the odds of an Albatross or Double Eagle, a hole-in-one on a par-4 or a 2 on a par-5, are 6 million to 1.

Alex Myers at Golf Digest points out that the only professional golfer to pull off a hole-in-one at the par-4 17th is Andrew Magee. He got his ace at the 17th during the 2001 Phoenix Open:

The 2001 Phoenix Open was won by Mark Calcavecchi (-28) and a young Tiger Woods finished t5th alongside Chris DiMarco. Both of them took home $152K for 5th place. 5th place at this year’s Waste Management Open was worth $820,000. Times sure have changed.

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