Tracy McGrady Wants to Play Baseball, and Roger Clemens Is Helping Him

by 5 years ago


This is a (pretty terrible) buddy comedy to be written: A retired NBA player with an underachiever rep teams up with a disgraced former big leaguer to learn the Art of Pitching. Will both succeed in their journey? Will both find redemption? WILL DISNEY BUY MY SCRIPT?

But yeah, something along those lines is actually happening in the Atlantic League this season—Tracy McGrady is trying out for the Sugar Land Skeeters (Valentines?), with a little help from his own coach, Roger Clemens, who made a short-lived comeback with the Texas minor league team in 2012. From a series of poorly written tweets:

T-Mac claims to be serious: He told Yahoo! that playing baseball is a childhood dream, and and the dream stayed in the back of his mind during his whole basketball career. He insists the try-out isn’t a stunt.

The Skeeters would be nuts to not trot him out for at least a game or two. He’s 6-8 with four pitches! (Plus my god, the ticket sales.)

“Well, first of all, you gotta 6-foot-8 guy standing on the mound. Still working on my velo,” he told Yahoo!. “Command’s pretty good. Fastball, splitter, slider, change.”


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