Travis Kelce Adds Fuel To Flames On Taylor Swift Rumors

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce

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In a playful twist on the ongoing rumors about his alleged romance with Taylor Swift, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce found himself at the center of some good-natured ribbing courtesy of NFL commentator Rich Eisen.

During the NFL GameDay Morning broadcast on Sunday, Rich Eisen couldn’t resist sprinkling some Taylor Swift puns into the conversation as he discussed Travis’ return to the field following an injury.

“Even though that bone bruise and the injury, one would think is delicate,” Rich quipped, referencing Taylor’s hit track, “he’s been able to shake it off.”

As Travis hit the field against the Jaguars on Sunday, Rich humorously pointed out that the tight end had previously left a “Blank Space” in his team’s lineup during his absence.

“But I think he returns today,” Rich continued with a grin, “and proves to be the anti-hero.”

Rich Eisen’s playful puns didn’t go unnoticed by Travis Kelce himself.

Travis took to Instagram to applaud Rich’s efforts, commenting, “Well played Rich…Well played, 👏😂”

The football field turned out to be Travis’ stage for a bit of anti-hero action. Kelce scored a touchdown in his season debut, helping his team beat the Jaguars.

In a humorous moment on Sunday, NFL announcer Ian Eagle also joined in on the fun, referring to Taylor Swift’s song as he remarked that Travis had found a “Blank Space for the score!”

Speculation surrounding a possible romance between Travis and Taylor Swift has been buzzing since July, when the athlete made a bold move by trying to catch Taylor’s attention during her Eras Tour stop in Kansas City.

We’re still waiting on confirmation about the two stars dating, but in the meanwhile, everyone is having fun with it.