Trea Turner Did The Smoothest Slide You’ll Ever See, Got Turned Into A Glorious Meme

Trea Turner Did The Smoothest Slide Ever Got Turned Into Meme

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  • Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Philadelphia Phillies 5-0, ending their 8-game winning streak.
  • During the game, new Dodgers second baseman Trea Turner completed what many view as perhaps the smoothest slide in the history of Major League Baseball.
  • More MLB news here.

Tuesday night during the Los Angeles Dodgers’ 5-0 win over the Philadelphia Phillies, one run in particular, scored by new L.A. acquisition Trea Turner, stood out far above the rest. Which is saying something since both Corey Seager and Max Muncy hit some sweet dingers.

The reason for that is the ridiculously smooth way that Trea Turner went about sliding into home in the top of the sixth inning, scoring the team’s second run.

Some fans are saying it is the greatest slide in the history of Major League Baseball. And it would be hard to argue that it isn’t.

It appeared almost as if Turner’s slide was something that he’d been, as one of my co-workers put it, “practicing exactly that for 12 straight hours and wanted to get one perfect one before retiring for the day.”

Watch, and enjoy…

Seriously, if that isn’t the greatest slide in Major League Baseball history, it most certainly it the coolest.

Tons of people on the internet agree that it was fantastic and expressed how impressed they were with Trea Turner’s smooth AF slide as only they can: turning him and his slide into a instant classic of a meme by applying Turner’s slide to other appropriate situations.

After watching Trea Turner’s slide 30 or 40 times now, there are really only two comparisons I can make to it.


And this…

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