Trent Dilfer’s Take On Tom Brady-Aaron Rodgers Has NFL Fans Scratching Their Heads

Trent Dilfer

Getty Image / Stephen Dunn

So Tom Brady is retired and pretty much everyone is in agreement that he’s the GOAT. Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers is considered an elite quarterback as well.

However, Trent Dilfer came out of nowhere and is trying to act like these guys aren’t impressive somehow.

Barstool Sports shows a clip from a sit-down interview. Dilfer proceeds to explain why Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t be given the praise they receive.

Um, excuse me? Trent Dilfer said this? The guy who won a Super Bowl because the Baltimore Ravens’ defense carried his team to the promised land?

Also, does Dilfer forget that Brady played in the same era as he did? It’s just that Tom Brady is an anomaly that played in the NFL for over 20 years and played in multiple eras.

This might go down as one of the worst takes ever. Especially considering it’s coming from Trent Dilfer.

Don’t get me wrong, Dilfer has a history of being recognized as an elite quarterback coach. His camp is recognized as one of the best a young quarterback can attend in the country.

But to say that Tom Brady’s and Aaron Rodgers’ careers aren’t impressive is a massive stretch. For that reason, football fans are left scratching their heads.

Dilfer literally has nothing on these guys.

Benny Archer with the perfect meme!

Look, the game is different than it used to be. But to say that both Brady and Rodgers are unimpressive because of that is an insanely bad take.