U. Of Florida QB Treon Harris Being Investigated By Police For Possible Felony Sexual Battery


Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

This past weekend Florida Gators fans (and the nation) got their first at freshman QB Treon Harris, today reports are surfacing that he’s being investigated for a possible felony charge.

The reports this morning are coming in so quick it’s hard to keep up with, from so many sources it’s not sure who to trust, and they run the gauntlet from ‘possible police investigation’ to ‘felony charges for sexual battery.’

FloridaToday reports:

A source close to the investigation has confirmed that the University of Florida police department is investigating University of Florida quarterback Treon Harris for a possible felony charge.

The source, speaking to FLORIDA TODAY, confirmed that the investigation will take several weeks which leaves Harris’ status for Saturday in doubt.

University of Florida head coach Will Muschamp postponed his regularly-scheduled press conference Monday. The school has not commented on why the press conference was postponed.

An editor at the Gainesville Sun on Twitter points to this record of sexual battery as the one that police are investigating in connection with Treon Harris:

You can find the link to the above charge HERE.

According to Reddit, these are a few facts that we KNOW for certain:

@DaveJonesUFbeat: In 20-plus years #Gators beat, this is first Monday press conference called off. Used to be Tuesdays. Even had one on 9-11. Not good.

Treon Harris’s twitter, which was up an hour ago, has been deleted. https://twitter.com/t5_harris. I have no clue what that means but let’s all read into it.

@DaveJonesUFbeat No charges have been field against Harris yet. #Gators

@RagjUF Team has been told Harris is suspended and team will be addressed at practice.

So like I said before, the information is surfacing quickly and without substantiation from either the school or the police, so we’ll need to sit back and wait until more information filters in. I’ll update this post as we learn more.

UPDATE 1: Gainesville Police Depart issues statement clarifying their role in the investigation