Nothing To See Here, Just Indians’ Pitcher Trevor Bauer Hitting 116.9 MPH On The Radar Gun

by 4 months ago
trevor bauer 116 mph video

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Remember back in 2016 when Cleveland Indians’ pitcher Trevor Bauer had to be pulled from a game in the ALCS because his hand was bleeding like a stuck pig? Bauer claimed he cut himself while working on one of his drones.

Yeah, well, I think he made that whole story up to cover for the fact that, when he wants to, bro can just throw the ball so damn hard he busted a vein or something wide open that night.

trevor bauer bleeding ALCS 2016

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I say that, because as the 26-year-old Bauer was doing some off-season training this week he decided, just for kicks, to hit 116.9 MPH on the radar gun. That’s like 117 miles per hour or something.


Jeezus. Now wonder dude struck out 196 batters in just 176+ innings and won 17 games in 2017.

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