Trevor Bauer Accused Of Multiple, Very Serious Assaults By Another Woman

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A woman in Arizona now claims that in late 2020 former Major League Baseball pitcher Trevor Bauer sexually assaulted her, held a steak knife to her throat, choked her unconscious, and got her pregnant.

According to USA Today, the allegations come from court filings made last December that were recently amended.

This is the fourth woman to make similar public allegations against the 2020 National League Cy Young Award winner.

Bauer has claimed to the court that the woman’s allegations are false and also counter-sued the woman, accusing her of fraud, extortion and fabricating her pregnancy.

His attorneys are fighting back, saying he had a single, consensual encounter with the Arizona woman in December 2020, when he said the condom broke during sex. After that encounter, the woman claimed she was pregnant and demanded $1.6 million to terminate her pregnancy, according to Bauer’s counter-suit against the woman. His attorneys stated in court documents that Bauer made an audio recording of this demand.

Bauer declined to pay this demand and told her the decision whether to have the child was her own and that he would support her decision, including paying any medical expenses or child support required by law, according to his filing from April.

He ended up paying $8,761 for the expenses related to her “alleged pregnancy and its subsequent termination,” according to his counter-suit.

The woman in Arizona, who claims she had a miscarriage in April 2021, is seeking more than $3 million and an “apology to any women the defendant has sexually humiliated and abused against their consent.”

Her court filing goes into rather graphic detail about several of her alleged encounters with Bauer and claims several video diaries and journal entries she recorded were seen by Major League Baseball during their investigation of the pitcher.

She says, much like the woman whose claims led to his suspension, that she met Trevor Bauer via Instagram.

Scottsdale, Arizona police did reveal there was a report of a sexual assault involving Bauer dated Dec. 20, but no charges were filed.

Bauer was suspended for two years in 2022 by Major League Baseball after already missing 111 games because MLB put him on administrative leave in 2021 over sexual assault allegations made by another woman. He was never charged with a crime in that case.

In December of 2022 that suspension was reduced to 194 games and Bauer was given credit for the time he served on administrative leave.

Bauer was later released by the Dodgers and ended up signing with the Yokohama DeNA BayStars of the Nippon Professional Baseball Organization where he sports a 2.10 ERA over his last four starts.

UPDATE: Statement from Jon Fetterolf and Rachel Luba, Trevor Bauer’s Co-Agents.

“Trevor Bauer categorically denies this woman’s unhinged allegations. She has made four documented multi-million-dollar extortion demands over the last two years, which prompted Mr. Bauer to file a criminal complaint against her. He is also actively suing her for fraud.

“Her claims are untethered to reality and change as often as she changes lawyers. First, she sought money to terminate an alleged pregnancy, then she claimed – among other things – that she was distressed from having an abortion, and now her newest claim suggests for the first time that she had a miscarriage.

“This woman has published public YouTube videos, done sit-down interviews with multiple entities, and filed a public complaint against Mr. Bauer. Despite her numerous attempts to have her lies publicized, every entity that reviewed the facts and evidence — including multiple news organizations — recognized how ridiculous her claims are and declined to publish these obviously false and defamatory allegations. That is, until USA Today failed to consider any underlying information except the woman’s allegations in a rush to publish her stale claims and provide a vehicle for her fraud. Worse yet, through their lack of diligence, USA Today failed to even note that this woman filed yet another version of her claim the same day it published its story. USA Today’s reporting is as reckless as the fraudulent claims of this woman.”

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