Trey Lance Trade Rumors Addressed By John Lynch With NFL Draft Looming

Trey Lance

Getty Image / Michael Reaves

The San Francisco 49ers has had quite an interesting offseason due to their quarterback situation.

Many speculate Brock Purdy is the future starting quarterback, when healthy of course. For that reason, trade rumors have picked up regarding Trey Lance.

Plenty of teams have been linked to the 49ers as potential suitors for the young quarterback.

However, general manager John Lynch addressed the ongoing rumors with the NFL Draft right around the corner. From the sounds of it, perhaps there isn’t all that much interest in Lance after all.

According to Cam Inman, Lynch claims the Trey Lance trade interest is “a lot of smoke really. It hasn’t been really active.” Here’s John Lynch’s full statement.

It’s noteworthy that Lynch claims he “expect(s) Trey to be here.” If that’s the case, then the young quarterback could end up staying in San Francisco.

Even so, this is the time of year NFL teams use a smoke-and-mirror concept to hide their plans for the NFL Draft.

For all we know, teams might be waiting until Thursday before making a move to possibly acquire Trey Lance via trade.

On the other hand, it doesn’t really make sense for the 49ers to deal him away. They gave up a ton of assets to acquire him, to begin with.

Additionally, Brock Purdy’s injury and Sam Darnold’s unreliability mean the 49ers should highly consider keeping Lance on the roster.

With that said, make sure to tune into the NFL Draft, as Trey Lance is a name to keep an eye on.