This Unexpected Tribute To Kimbo Slice By The UFC Shows The Kind Of Impact He Had On The Sport

Despite having a very short run in the promotion, the UFC paid special tribute to one of the most famous fighters of our time, Kimbo Slice, at Fight Night 89.

Slice, who became famous for his brutal YouTube street fights, was such an attraction that Dana White essentially created The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights show pretty much just for him.

White said that if Slice wanted to fight in the UFC he would have to win his way in and that’s exactly what Slice did winning his fight in the season finale against Houston Alexander.

Slice would go on to fight on just one UFC pay-per-view, a TKO loss to Matt Mitrione, but the fact that he made it to the biggest MMA show on the planet after being merely a street fighter showed what kind of heart and determination the man had.

Here’s a look at some of that story…

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