The 1st Person Footage Of These Tricycle Riders Peeling Down The World’s Steepest Street Is Insanity

What you just witnessed first person at terrifyingly fast speeds is what they call “drift triking.” Who “they” are, exactly, from what I can infer, are a bunch of total maniacs with little to no regard for their lives or well-being.

But I guess that’s how it goes. Living dangerously is always more fun until a U-haul pulls out of a hidden alley and rocks you senseless while you’re going 65mph on a tricycle with pegs on it. That said, though, it certainly looks like these guys are as close to “professional” as it can get on the drift triking scene, and it appeared the street they were absolutely flying down was closed off judging from the spectators that were lined up to catch a glimpse.

Also, I can’t even begin to stress how underrated the disclaimer in the beginning was.

Top notch work, bros. Wouldn’t have considered that myself.

The street the riders are shown peeling down happens to be the steepest in the world. I wouldn’t argue with that. Definitely couldn’t show you a steeper one, I know that much.

A little research confirmed that it was, in fact, Baldwin Street, located a few minutes northeast of downtown Dunedin, New Zealand.

And yes, it is, in fact, the world’s steepest residential street. Pretty cool of these dudes to capture a glimpse of what it looks like to absolutely shred down it then share it with the world…that way we don’t have to try it out for ourselves. Much appreciated, guys!