Triple H’s Speech At Lemmy’s Funeral Was An Absolute Thing Of Beauty

Two weeks ago, longtime Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister passed away, leading to rock legends and other musicians paying tribute to him as a sign of respect. And while wrestler Triple H doesn’t shred a six-stringer for a living, he has frequently talked about his love affair for Lemmy.

Saving his best for Lemmy’s last, Triple H gave one of the most powerful and emotional speeches I’ve ever heard during Kilmister’s funeral, delivering a passionate message that described his relationship with the rock god—which was streamed online for 250,000 people.

With numerous tweets throughout his life with Lemmy, Triple H showed how rock has helped influenced wrestling, while posting a few memories over the years with his favorite musician.

It’s no wonder why some believed that Lemmy was, in fact, God.


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