Bucs LT Tristan Wirfs Talks Working With A Psychologist To Get Him Through ‘Rough Spot’

Tristan Wirfs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Getty Image / Cliff Welch / Icon Sportswire

Having only entered the league in 2020, Tampa Bay Buccaneers left tackle Tristan Wirfs is actually one of the veterans on the team now.

He benefitted from playing in front of Tom Brady as much if not more than anyone on the Buccaneers’ organization. Speaking with media after practice on Friday, Tristan Wirfs discussed the mental burden he’s been facing going into his 4th season in the NFL.

Wirfs told Pewter Report he has been working with a team psychologist after finding himself in a “rough spot” mentally. Tristan said “the negative thoughts had kind of been outweighed by the positive thoughts” before revealing he’d met with the team’s sports psychologist.

Life hasn’t been all bad for the back-to-back Pro Bowler who won a Super Bowl his rookie season with Tom Brady and the Bucs (ranked 3rd best offensive tackle in the NFL). About a month ago, Wirfs shotgunned a beer on stage with Luke Combs when Luke’s tour brought him to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Despite being one of the hottest days of the Summer, the Tampa Bay area TURNED OUT for the Luke Combs concert. It seemed like every person I know was there. And Tristan Wirfs was on stage shotgunning a beer with the hottest act in Country Music right now.

Earlier this week, Tristan Wirfs told Pewter Report how that went down:

“My agent saw his show in Boise and Nashville and it was insane. He replied and said, “Hey, man. You’ve got to come on stage and shotgun a beer with me.” His people and my marketing agent, Alyssa Romano, made it happen. That was one of the best moments of my life. How did I make it happen? I slid into Luke Combs’ DMs!

You wouldn’t think I’d be nervous, but I was. Getting up on that stage with him was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I’ve obviously had a lot of great moments at Raymond James Stadium – a lot of great wins. Obviously winning the Super Bowl there is No. 1. But being on stage with Luke Combs was probably No. 2 for me.”

Being a famous athlete sounds incredible, specifically during the off seasons. Getting to just slide into other famous people’s DMs and say ‘wanna hang out and do cool stuff?’ and then actually doing it? That sounds pretty fun.

Anyway, it’s nice to see a leader on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers speaking openly about the importance of working on mental health.