Facebook Troll Challenges UFC Veteran To Fight At His Gym And Gets Obliterated

The whole beauty about being a troll on the internet is the ability to be anonymous and to talk shit to celebrities that you never have intentions of actually confronting in real life. However this idiot doesn’t get it.

Former UFC fighter and current Bellator fighter Josh “The Dentist” Neer has 38 victories and 18 of them came via knockout. So he’s definitely not the person to fuck with, especially if you’re some chump jabroni on Facebook.

Patrick Martin had allegedly been talking trash to MMA fighters on social media including Neer. So the former UFC fighter asked him to back up his tough talk by challenging him to a fight at his gym. Martin actually showed up at Neer’s gym, which is commendable, but  it was a huge mistake. Neer absolutely destroyed him and the 14 second video shows him violently throwing elbows to his face.

Despite Neer being a professional fighter, he claims he wasn’t bullying Martin because he’s significantly larger than him. The fighter said Martin is like “6-6 and 270 pounds,” while Neer is 5-5 and 170 pounds. Neer says that Martin is a bully and only fought him to teach him a “lesson and humble himself. ”

Neer has since been criticized for fighting such a lesser trained opponent and for brutalizing the amateur in such a vicious way. Do you think Neer was justified for fighting an amateur and some guy who just trolled him on Facebook?