Troy Aikman Finally Breaks Silence About Tone-Deaf Comments Made During ‘Monday Night Football’

Troy Aikman Finally Breaks Silence About His Tone Deaf Comments

Getty Image / Mitchell Leff

Week 5 was a complete mess with two horrible roughing-the-passer calls. However, during Monday Night Football, analyst Troy Aikman made a tone-deaf comment when discussing what the league must do to make possible changes. Now, the Hall of Fame quarterback finally breaks silence and addresses the issue.

Troy Aikman Breaks Silence On “Dresses” Comments During Chiefs-Raiders Game

In the second quarter of Monday Night Football, the referees called a horrific roughing-the-passer call on Chiefs star Chris Jones. The Raiders would eventually go on to lose the game, but it was an ugly situation overall. Meanwhile, that led Troy Aikman and Joe Buck to discuss what actions the league might have to take to adjust these obviously horrid penalties.

In doing so, Troy Aikman made a comment, claiming “my hope is that the competition committee looks at this in the next set of meetings and you know, we take the dresses off.” It’s a completely tone-deaf statement. According to Sports Illustrated, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback has issued an apology. “My comments were dumb, just shouldn’t have made them. Just dumb remarks on my part.”

It truly was a dumb comment. Aikman’s words took away from what was a thrilling matchup between the Chiefs and Raiders. Regardless if there was a horrific penalty on Kansas City or not. At least Troy Aikman took it head-on and didn’t try to shrug off the situation. That would have made it a whole lot worse.

Hopefully, sexist comments like these become a thing of the past, as society advances forward to a much more balanced setting for all.