Troy Aikman On How He Would Make His Centers Change Pants During Halftime Because Their Profuse Sweating Made The Ball Slippery

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During one of his offbeat tangents this season Fox Sports broadcaster Troy Aikman talked about how it was important for him and Tom Brady to have their centers keep their pants dry to prevent the ball from getting wet and slippery. Aikman went on to confess that he forced his centers to change pants at halftime to keep their sweat at bay.

We were able to follow up with up Aikman while he was promoting his latest Avocados From Mexico Superbowl campaign about his issues with his centers’ sweat and he told us a story about how the late Cowboys offensive lineman Frank Cornish probably hated his guts due to his unusual request to stay sweat-free while playing center.

The first center that I remember it being an issue with was my old college center, Frank Cornish, when he was in Dallas and was playing. And it’s a hard deal, you know, I mean, Tom Brady, he struggles with it as well in his centers. He’s got a whole procedure that they go through. They wear a towel, they use baby powder, and, you know, I never thought of any of anything like that. Frank Cornish would have liked me a lot more I had I thought of that because you can only imagine a big guy like that, there’s not much time at half time, change pants, he’s got knee braces on, by the time that he has another pair of pants on at halftime those things are soaked all way through with sweat as it is.

It was an issue , I think they wanted to kill me, is what they wanted to do when I would tell them, hey, look, I mean, you got to stop sweating. This is a real problem, you know? But, yeah, Frank and I go back a long ways and, you know, rest his soul. He was one of the great people on the planet