Troy Aikman And His New Girlfriend Go Viral With Instagram Beach Photos

Troy Aikman on the red carpet

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NFL legend turned ESPN broadcaster Troy Aikman has gone Instagram official with his new girlfriend Haley Clark

On Tuesday, 34-year-old Haley Clark posted several photos featuring the 56-year-old Hall-of-Fame quarterback. In one of the pictures, Clark kissed Aikman on the cheek.

Via NY Post

The former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, 56, has been tagged by Haley Clark, 34, in multiple photos of the two cozied up, including where she is kissing his cheek and touching his thigh.

The pair are vacationing off the Italian Riviera where they have been spotted on a sun-drenched yacht and swimming off of the luxurious Almalfi Coast — with Troy’s most recent wife nowhere in sight.

The apparent budding relationship will come as a shock to most fans as the ex-QB and his second wife, whom he wed in 2017, have never announced a separation or divorce publicly.

The NY Post is reporting that Aikman has apparently separated from his second wife without notice to the public to date Clark.

Capa still uses Troy’s last name on social media but the two appear to be living separate lives, based on their social media accounts.

Capa last posted about Aikman to her Instagram profile in February 2020. The picture shows the couple smiling in front of the Eiffel Tour in Paris. Aikman’s last photo with Capa is even older — in May 2019 — on an African safari.

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