Wrestling Legend Tully Blanchard’s Daughter Is ALSO A Wrestler And Will Likely Arouse You

tully blanchard tessa- lanchard

Tully Blanchard was once a member of wrestling’s greatest, most amusingly merciless factions, The Four Horsemen. That was once the case, but it’s thankfully no longer the case, especially when you take into careful consideration that good old Tully is now the ripe age of 61, with a set of tits that would send Frank Costanza’s fashion business to the moon and back.

Now here’s the good news: It appears that the baton has been passed on to his daughter, Tessa Blanchard, who sports the proper set of breasts.

Wow. Got a lot to live up to.

Tessa Blanchard wrestling

Or not. Things seem to be going just fine.

[H/T Wrestling News]


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